DreamUp help you to reward and motivate your staff, clients or agents with an incentive programme designed especially for them.

We create and design projects that are not only unique and creative but also align with the values of your brand, making these unforgettable moments a true extension of your corporation and synchronise with your strategic objectives.

DreamUp designs and runs incentive travel programs with the sole purpose of creating effective ways to reward great performers and encourage others to reach that level of “greatness”.

Many of our customers have reported a significant return on investment in the highly exciting experiences which we have created.

Meeting Solutions

Creating a successful convention or conference is much like conducting an orchestra.

DreamUp is the maestro of event orchestration, delivering a symphony of services without missing a beat.

Our deep knowledge of the destination and suppliers allows an impeccable organisation and logistics to service all aspects and needs of any meeting or conference.

DreamUp delivers truly creative moments with fresh ideas that breathe new life into corporate meetings.

Special Events

We work closely with you to understand key messages and corporate culture. We develop the correct creative strategy to make sure your messages are heard.

DreamUp offers a comprehensive range of exclusive venues, technologies and entertainment options: trust our intuition and originality.

We can take care of your gala evenings, product launches and festive events in a manner guaranteed to exceed your wildest expectations!

Team Building & CSR Projects

At DreamUp we help our customers define the right activities to achieve their objectives and to appropriately motivate, integrate and engage participants.

The final result is flawless execution and a substantially motivated team!

Our CSR programs incorporate a full spectrum of social responsibility projects that adapt to your company’s values and objectives, and the level of involvement that you would like to have.

Communication Management

At DreamUp we work with you to design and deliver highly focused, interactive and memorable events that get your speakers and participants truly inspired, involved and taking actions once they get back in their day jobs.

Once we have determined your goal, then we help you with any or all of the following:

  • Create and design a creative and meaningful event concept
  • Design a strategic, high-impact and relevant agenda that plays to the strengths of your leadership team and meets the needs of participants
  • Create meaningful interactivity to bring your content to life
  • Stage design and technical production
  • Embrace digital solutions to secure real-time audience participation and connect participants with content

So, whether your event is for 20 or 4,000 we help you deliver your internal communication campaign effectively. Our creative and design department takes care of every detail to make the event a unique opportunity to strengthen your brand.

At DreamUp we believe that intelligent marketing and communication management make the difference to a successful project.


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